TCA serves more than 500 destinations worldwide and offers its pilots a broad variety of flights from short island hops in small aircraft to intercontinental flights in wide-body long range jetliners. Combined with the number of different flight planning tools available this leads to an incredible number of flight plans.

This service started with the idea of sharing ProFlight98 flight plans - which I created for flying my assignments - with other TCA pilots who wanted to use PF98 too but didn't have the time or interest to do the flight planning themselves. But soon it became clear that it would be nice to offer other formats too. Of course we cannot provide all different formats at once. But this service will grow with more and more formats being available. And instead of sending you from one site to another we thought it would be best to have a single source. Now here it is.

Team: Rob Abernathy, Francesco Cozzi, Johan van Wijngaarden, Detlev Rohmer and Johann Niedermeier (Webmaster)

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